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Project Type:

Business branding design for bubble tea shop

in 2022


TEA REX bubble tea shop in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Project Introduction:

In this project, I did some design for TEA REX, including some visual design, and some web design. The client has decided on the brand name and the overall main color, and I will design according to his requirements.

Serves :

Logo design, poster design, diliveroo picture design, menu design, website design.

Customer Background:

TEA REX is a milk tea shop located in the center of Southampton, England. The owner of this shop is a couple. The story of this shop is very interesting. The reason why the husband and wife opened this milk tea shop is because their son likes to drink milk tea very much, so they opened this milk tea shop for their son. The name of the milk tea shop is TEA REX because their son has been fond of dinosaurs since he was a child, especially Tyrannosaurus rex. The abbreviation of Tyrannosaurus Rex is T-Rex, which is consistent with the pronunciation of TEA REX, so they decided to call the milk tea shop TEA REX.

Customer Request: 

I hope that the logo design of TEX REX can add dinosaur elements, because our son likes T-Rex very much. Secondly, the main colors used in this design should be mainly yellow and green, because our son likes green very much, and the decoration of the store is also mainly yellow and green.

Challenges and Goals: 

In this project, the challenge I faced was: adding milk tea elements and dinosaur elements into the logo design at the same time is a difficult thing. Because the logo design generally pays attention to simplicity, it is difficult to add two irrelevant elements together and make them look very harmonious. Secondly, in this design, the visual design is the majority, such as posters and takeaway pictures. How to use these designs to attract consumers is a challenging thing.

My goal is to make the logo of TEX REX stand out among many milk tea brands, make this logo highly recognizable, and let consumers remember this logo. Secondly, I hope that my web design and poster design can help customers better promote his milk tea shop, and I hope my design is attractive.

Project Introduction > Logo design > Poster design > Deliveroo picture design  > Menu design > Web design

Logo Design

The design of this LOGO is based on the appearance of dinosaurs, which meets the customer's request to add dinosaur elements.


The appearance of the overall LOGO is also composed of two letters T&R, which is the first letter of TEA REX, which makes the meaning of LOGO more pictographic.


The central point of the LOGO is a straw as the main body, which represents the element of milk tea, which is related to the brand setting of the milk tea shop.

Final logo design

This LOGO uses the standardized auxiliary line as the base of the design. Most of the arc design references of the LOGO are full-circle auxiliary line references, and various attempts have been made to make the LOGO more standardized.

The prototype of the font design is Chalkboard SE. I made a deformation on the basis of this font and designed a new font. On the overall TEA REX, T becomes a straw, and R becomes a dinosaur.

Poster  Design




The theme of this poster is cheese strawberry, and the color of cheese strawberry is red, so the overall design of the poster is mainly red. Strawberry is a relatively high-end fruit, so gold is used as the color and embellishment of the font. The overall poster gives consumers an attractive feeling, and red stimulates customers to consume. Because the owner is Chinese, the milk tea shop targets mostly Chinese students and locals, so the poster is made into Chinese and English versions according to the owner's request.




The theme of this poster is passion fruit drink. Passion fruit represents vitality and Vc. Passion fruit drink is also the favorite drink of the owner's son, so the overall design of the poster is mainly green. The font used in this poster is also a hollow font with a stroke. This Pop font looks more dynamic.




The theme of this poster is black tea and roasted milk tea, which is served hot and perfect for cold weather. Every time customers roast milk tea, they will feel warm and cozy, so the overall design of the poster is mainly based on warm colors, especially dark brown, which is the color of milk tea itself. This kind of warm-colored poster will bring a warm feeling to consumers. The font used in this poster is a white serif font. This font will give people an easy-to-approach, soft and relaxed feeling. This font can also highlight the intimacy and sense of humanity.




The theme of this poster is peach oolong tea, which is a fruit tea that has both the aroma of oolong tea and the refreshment of fruits. The poster uses the brown of oolong tea and the pale pink of peach as the main colors. Give customers a sense of calmness and freshness. The combination of these two colors will give consumers a youthful and calm feeling. The font used in this poster is a yellow serif font, which will give people an approachable, soft and relaxed feeling, and yellow will also bring a warm feeling to consumers.

Poster Presentation

Dynamic Poster Production

I made three dynamic posters for TEA REX, all three posters are based on the graphic poster design above.

Deliveroo Picture Design

Display of some food delivery APP pages and some food delivery pictures

I designed food delivery display pictures for TEA REX, and these pictures will be displayed on food delivery platforms such as Hungry Panda, Deliveroo and Uber Eat.

Menu Design

This is a menu in Chinese and English. The boss requires a bilingual menu in both Chinese and English. In order to make it understandable to both Chinese and locals, the green color used in the menu is also the color requested by the boss, which is consistent with the interior decoration color.

Website Design

Web link:  

Home Page

Drink and Information Page 

Drink and Information Page 

Contact & About Us

This is the website I made for TEA REX, the main color of the website is yellow. Because the client wanted to use yellow and green as the main colors at the beginning, after I finished the two high-fidelity pages in different colors, the client chose a website with yellow as the main color. The reason he chose this color for his website is because he thinks it is very homey. The website mainly consists of four main pages, which are Home Page, Drink page, About page and Contactbpage. I also set up seven hidden pages in the Drink page, and these seven pages are to display seven different types of milk tea.

Website Display

The website is divided into two versions:

Mobile version & PC version

The computer-side website has strong maneuverability and many dynamic effects

The mobile version of the website view is convenient for everyday use

That's all 

Thanks for watching

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Client Feedback: 

It was a great collaboration and we and our son really like the designs. My son especially likes the logo design as he can tell it's his favorite dinosaur motif. My favorite is website design, I know nothing about website design, so when I can have such a beautiful website, I am very happy and satisfied.

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