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Project Type:

Business branding design for coffee brand in 2022


SOMETHING FOR coffee brand in Shen Zhen, China.

Project Introduction:

This project is a brand case designed for SOMETHING FOR, a local coffee brand in Shenzhen. The whole brand design case was designed by the Chinese design team NYGDESIGN, and I served as a design assistant in this project design. This design is to help SOMETHING FOR reshape the brand design and help them convey the brand concept. We sorted out the cultural connotation for SOMETHING FOR, retained the essence and core parts of the previous design, and shaped a clearer spirit of advocacy. Because it is a teamwork project, in this design, I am mainly responsible for the logo design and poster design, and I also participate in the design of the packaging design. NYGDESIGN is a very powerful design team. The reason why I had the opportunity to cooperate with them was because a designer friend in the team recommended me to participate in this design. But I didn't join their team, just as a design assistant and participated in the design.

Customer Background:

SOMETHING FOR is a local boutique coffee brand born in Shenzhen. The brand has the advantages of profound technical accumulation, a variety of innovative products that go out of the circle, and humanistic care that attracts fans, and has a certain influence in Shenzhen.

Serves :

This brand design project includes: logo design, poster design, APP design, packaging design, VI design, space rendering design.


As the design subject, I mainly participated in LOGO design and poster design in this project. In the packaging design of VI design, I participated in mug design, paper bag design, and packaging box design. The designs I participated in will be highlighted in red in the presentation process below.

Challenges and Goals: 

In this design, the challenge we face is: how to help the brand maximize its value through our design. We need to think about how to use colors, fonts and graphics, and make these materials a tool for storytelling to enhance the expressiveness of the brand in various scenarios. The challenge I am facing is: in this professional design team, how will I maximize my value as much as possible. Collaborating with other members of the team to co-design is also a challenge for me. Although I am not responsible for many design parts in this project, I will work hard.

My goal in this project is: to learn from the predecessors, whose rich work experience is very suitable for me to learn. While doing your job well, help others as much as possible. In this brand design project, I am only responsible for a small part, but I will do my best to complete it.

Project Introduction > Logo design > Poster design > APP design  > VI design > Interior rendering design

Logo Design (I participated)

LOGO Finished Product Video Display

The comparison between the old LOGO and the new LOGO shows an evolution process.

LOGO Design (I participated)

SOMETHING FOR has both profound coffee making experience and innovative products, but they want to express too much information in terms of brand concept communication and visual design. Because the brand wants to output too much information, the cost of understanding and remembering it for consumers is relatively high. We need to improve this and simplify the concept so that consumers can understand the brand's philosophy more easily.

We extracted three "口" from the two Chinese characters "咖啡". These three ports respectively represent the three core concepts of "Quality", "Warmth" and "Innovation" conveyed by the brand. And I set "blank" and "fill in the blank" as the core strategy of visual communication, which shows that the brand attaches great importance to allowing consumers to express themselves.

Typeface (I participated)

Typography:   English / Latin :   Bauer Grotesk Family (Commercial Fonts Paid)

Bauer Grotesk Family stands out by being less dogmatic about the geometry, giving the design a warmer, more homogenous feel.

Color Selection (I participated)

​Based on the creative inspiration of the brand, we specially recorded the sky in Shenzhen at nine o'clock every morning, and took the blue sky as a reference. In addition to unifying effects for various application scenarios, various meanings are also given to these colors. This makes the color of the brand not only a color, but also a tool that the brand uses to tell a story.

Poster Design (I participated)

Finished poster display (I participated)

Introduction to Poster Elements (I participated)

Every blue block element in the poster is a silhouette of every coffee-related item. 

For example: Coffee Filter,  Coffee Bean,  Croissant,  Press Pod,  Cup sleeve,  Coffee Cup,  Eco Bag,  Bucket Hat,  Mug Cup,  KF94 Mask,  Smart Coffee Bag.

The silhouette elements of every coffee can let consumers know more about coffee in the visual design.

App Design  ( I didn't participate )

VI Design  ( I participated in part of the design )

Package Design (I participated)

Every blue block element in the poster is a silhouette of every coffee-related item. 

For example: Coffee Filter,  Coffee Bean,  Croissant,  Press Pod,  Cup sleeve,  Coffee Cup,  Eco Bag,  Bucket Hat,  Mug Cup,  KF94 Mask,  Smart Coffee Bag.

The silhouette elements of every coffee can let consumers know more about coffee in the visual design.

I was involved in the cup design, paper bag design and takeaway box design in the packaging design.

Coffee - Portable Travel Pack Packaging Design ( I didn't participate )

Other Vi Design ( I didn't participate )

#KF94 Mask Design

Work Clothes Design

( I didn't participate )

The design in the middle of the cup takes "blank" and "filling in the blank" as the focus of visual design. The empty part in the middle of the cup is for consumers to fill it up. We design this way to allow consumers to draw their own ideas on the cups, let consumers use their imaginations, and create their own unique coffee cups.

We hope to listen to the voices of consumers, and hope that brands and consumers will get closer. Letting consumers graffiti on coffee cups is also a process of letting consumers participate in brand design.

Interior rendering design  ( I didn't participate )

That's all 

Thanks for watching

Client Feedback: 

NYGDESIGN helped us a lot and it was a very pleasant collaboration. NYGDESIGN endows SOMETING FOR with a more unique meaning, no matter in color or graphic vision. As a new coffee brand, this novel and creative design will inject new strength into our brand.

NYGDESIGN design team evaluation:

Many thanks to Shuyu for joining this design project, in this project, she completed the task very well. Shuyu perfectly demonstrated his graphic design foundation and design level in this project. I very much hope that we can work together again in the future.

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