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Project Type:

Business branding design for Chinese restaurant in 2022


M' DIM SUM Chinese restaurant in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Project Introduction:

In this project, I did branding for Chinese restaurant M' DIM SUM. The project includes some visual design, such as logo, poster, packaging design. In addition, there are some UI and UX designs, such as websites, applets and other designs. The client has decided on the brand name and the overall main color of the design, and I will design according to his requirements.

Serves :

Logo design, poster design, VI design, menu design, website design.

Customer Background:

M' DIM SUM is a Chinese restaurant located in Southampton, UK. This restaurant mainly sells Cantonese dishes and Chinese dim sum. The owner of the restaurant is a middle-aged man, also my friend, who also has a hot pot restaurant in Southampton. The name of this store is "M' DIM SUM', because DIM SUM means Chinese dim sum. "M" and "I'm" have the same pronunciation, so the name of the store can also be called "I'm Dim Sum". The boss is a very superstitious person. He believes in Fengshui and fortune-telling very much. Even the gesture of the store name is obtained through Fengshui fortune-telling. The boss said that according to Fengshui, the color of the brand and the decoration of the store are suitable for light yellow and brown , red can also be used, but remember not to use green. Although it is a Chinese restaurant, there are usually many guests from other countries coming to eat, so all the designs in the store are in both Chinese and English. The restaurant is positioned as a mid-to-high-end restaurant, and the price of the dishes is relatively ordinary.

Customer Request: 

I hope that the main color of this design is light yellow, brown and red can be supplemented, and all colors are preferably warm. All texts in the design must be bilingual in Chinese and English.

Challenges and Goals: 

In this project, the challenge I am facing is: light yellow is a warm but insignificant color, so it is a challenge to use light yellow as the main color of the overall design. I need a reasonable design layout to make the design more dazzling.

My goal is: to make the logo design of M' DIM SUM stand out among many catering brands, and let consumers remember this logo. Use light yellow to make a creative design, so that consumers will have an appetite when they see the design, and want to eat when they see the design.

Project Introduction > Logo Design > Banner Poster Design > VI Design 

Logo Design






This Logo is composed of three materials: steamer, letter M and fork spoon. The steamer represents dim sum, the M stands for "M' DIM SUM", and the spoon and fork represent the restaurant.

In this design, the font I used is Hannotate TC, which is relatively round and blunt, which makes people feel very friendly. For mid-to-high-end restaurants like M' DIM SUM, this font will make consumers feel friendly without making them feel distant.


This color is the light yellow requested by the customer, and the color I use is a darker light yellow. This color is a bit darker than ordinary light yellow, not as obvious as light yellow, but also more calm than bright yellow.

Banner Poster Design

These three banner posters are designed for the opening of the restaurant. Between yellow and red, the client chose red as the main color. There is a custom in China that before the store opens, the owner will hang a red cloth strip in front of the restaurant's plaque. This is not only for a good omen, but also to inform consumers in advance that there is a new store opening here. Although M' DIM SUM is a restaurant opened in the UK, it is also a Chinese restaurant. So we used red banners and posters instead of traditional Chinese red cloth strips, which not only continued the Chinese tradition, but also had the effect of publicity.

Banner Poster Effect Display

Menu Type Plaque Design

The client wanted to place a plaque in the glass of the facade, which displayed the different cuisines of M' DIM SUM. Above the plaque is a roast duck stove and a transparent kitchen. Customers can choose food by looking at the content on the plaque and the roast duck in the window.

VI Design

Takeaway Box Design

Takeaway Box Cover Design

The cover design of this packaging box is designed by combining various elements in the restaurant. This typesetting is a new Chinese typesetting, with Chinese style characteristics. There are elements required by the customer in the picture: such as LOGO, Chinese dim sum, roast duck, Chinese tea, and some Chinese dim sum introductions.

Chopsticks Packaging Design

Cup Design

Takeaway Plastic Bag Design



Business Card Design

Menu Design


Main Menu

That's all 

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Client Feedback: 

The design is good, it is the design style I want, and the decoration of our store is also light yellow, which is very consistent with the decoration of our store. I need the design of the restaurant website, and we will continue to cooperate when the time comes.

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