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Project Type:

Business branding design for bubble tea shop

in 2020


KING COME bubble tea shop in Dalian, China.

Project Introduction:

In this project, I designed the IP image for a bubble tea shop named KING COME, and did some VI design according to the client's requirements.

Serves :

Brand IP (Intellectual property) image design, poster design, illustration design, Package Design.

Customer Background:

KING COME is a bubble tea shop, which opened in Dalian, China. The bosses are two young people who are college classmates and they are currently running this bubble tea shop together. The target consumer group of this store is the younger generation of consumers, so the bosses hope to make some interesting design works to attract young people to consume. KING COME ( the king is coming ) means that customers are like kings, and we will serve our customers like serving kings.

Customer Request: 

I hope that the design prototype of the IP image of the milk tea shop is an animal. I like small animals very much, and I think the animal theme is very suitable for our store name - KING COME

Challenges and Goals: 

The challenge I face in this project is: I need to make a design that can meet the diverse needs of customers, for example, the design should be full of fun, and the design should be youthful, so as to attract young customer groups for the store.

My goal is: to let young consumers feel that this is a bubble tea shop full of youth and vigor through the design. Let this bubble tea shop stand out among many bubble tea shops through the assistance of IP design, and let the design bring the relationship between the store and consumers closer, so that consumers can feel the enthusiasm and service of this bubble tea shop in the design .

Project Introduction > Logo design > IP image design > IP deformation > Poster design > VI design

Logo Design

Logo design for KING COME


Why I use this color?

The crown represents the king, and also represents the customers who come to the store to consume.

Blue represents honesty, and it represents that it attaches great importance to the relationship of trust between people, which means that as a service provider, KING COME attaches great importance to every customer.

At the same time, blue also represents caring for those around you, giving people a very reliable feeling. Blue also symbolizes youth, and there is the word "Qing Chun (youth)" (Qing means blue) in China.

The crown represents the king, and also represents the customers who come to the store to consume.

Duck is one of the IP images in the store, which will be introduced in the next IP design, and this image also represents customers.

IP Image Design

Monkey   Name: Bill

Represents King Kong, which is homonymous with KING COME. His role is that of a waiter, serving customers.

Duck   Name: Harry

The duck wears a crown, representing the image of the king, which also represents the consumers.


Pink represents youth, cuteness and bright image


Yellow represents light, brilliance, and hope. Yellow is a color of pride, with the nobility of gold. Yellow represents nobility, elegance, and power.

The use of cute and funny monkeys and ducks as the IP image in the store is mainly to cater to the younger generation of consumer groups, and more importantly, to hope that they will visit interesting stores.

These two IPs—Monkey and Duck are inseparable, implying that KING COME has a very good relationship with customers, and showing the friendship between KING COME and customers.

The reason for turning the IP into a cartoon image: The client requested that the IP image be made into a cartoon image of animals, so that these two IP images can bring vitality and vitality to KING COME. At the same time, it is also to cater to the younger generation of consumer groups. Today's young people will have a deep memory of cartoon images, and this can shorten the distance between the brand and consumers.

IP Deformation

IP Dynamic Effect Display

I drew a lot of IP image deformation designs to show the different states of IP in different scenarios.

The second picture also shows many different roles played by IP images, such as Bill the delivery man, Harry drinking milk tea, Bill the singer, and Bill the clerk holding an advertising sign.

Poster Design

The four monkeys in the illustration poster form a band, and their task is to create an atmosphere. Ducks wearing crowns came to watch the show and cheered and applauded. The atmosphere of the whole poster is like a music festival going on, they are celebrating KING COME. This poster is also a form of IP image deformation.

VI Design

Apron design

Milk tea cup design

Paper Bag design

Coaster design

Shop exterior photography —— KING COME in Dalian, CHINA.

Client Feedback: 

I think it's a very pleasant collaboration and we're very happy with Shuyu's design. I especially like the design of this IP image. The little monkey and the little duck are very lively and cute together. I'm sure my customers will love this design too! I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future~

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