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Project Type:

personal design project for CHNO in 2020

Project Introduction:

In this project, I want to study social anxi- ety disorder. I have noticed that many people around me refuse to socialize and feel frightened to socialize. These people are affected by social anxiety disorder. I would like to know their views and attitudes towards social anxiety disorder. Through a large number of surveys and questionnaires, I learned that most people are reluctant to socialize and feel satisfied with their current statuses. A small number of people want to try to change them- selves and blend with others. 


In this design project, I designed three accessories for anxiety disorder group, the three accessories are face masks, rings and glasses. These three devices can help people who do not want to socialize compulsively refuse some unnecessary social interactions. I also designed a website for people who want to socialize but are afraid of socializing. I hope they can talk to others on this website, open up and overcome their fear of socializing. And this website can sell three accessories previously designed for the anxiety disorder group.


This group is unique, and it is also a group that deserves everyone's attention. Everyone in this group has unique ideas. Some people don't want to be changed, and others want to try to change. What we can do is respect their opinions and help them as much as possible.


Challenges and Goals: 

The challenge I face in this project is: I need to make a design that can meet the diverse needs of customers, for example, the design should be full of fun, and the design should be youthful, so as to attract young customer groups for the store.

My goal is: to let young consumers feel that this is a bubble tea shop full of youth and vigor through the design. Let this bubble tea shop stand out among many bubble tea shops through the assistance of IP design, and let the design bring the relationship between the store and consumers closer, so that consumers can feel the enthusiasm and service of this bubble tea shop in the design .

Project Introduction > Logo design > IP image design > IP deformation > Poster design > VI design

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