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Project Type:

Business branding design for New tea brand in 2021


“GET TEA” tea shop in Shang hai, China.

Project Introduction:

In this project, I collaborated with Chinese new tea brand "GET TEA". GET TEA is a diversified and young Chinese new tea brand. I designed their unique IP image for GET TEA - "GET DUCK". In addition, I also did VI visual design for this brand, adding creativity and vitality to GET TEA.

Serves :

Logo design, IP design (intellectual property),  Package Design, VI design, Poster design.

Customer Background:

GET TEA is a new tea brand dedicated to creating a diversified and youthful style, located in Shanghai, China. Today’s new tea drinks brands on the market are mainly targeted at young women, and most of the new tea drinks brands on the market are women-oriented. However, “Get Tea” insists on creating a neutral brand image. "Youth and vitality" is the label of the brand. It presents a trendy and personalized style in visual expression and conveys the emotional appeal of young people. It integrates youth culture into brand design to create brand differentiation. In addition, promoting the mainstream values of tea culture and positive energy as the brand's genetic culture, while developing youth culture, it also actively dialogues with mainstream culture.

Customer Request: 

My request is to use blue as the main color of this brand design, because I think blue is vibrant and my favorite color. Secondly, I hope that the IP image of the brand can be full of vitality. Let consumers feel the vitality and youth of our brand through design.

Challenges and Goals: 

The challenge I face in this project is: I need to make a design that can meet the diverse needs of customers, for example, the design should be full of vitality, and the design should be youthful, which requires me to think and design from the perspective of young consumer groups.

My goal is: through the design, let young consumers feel that this is a new tea shop full of youthful vitality. Through the design of a vibrant young IP image, this store stands out among many tea shops, and the design brings the relationship between the store and consumers closer, so that consumers can feel the enthusiasm and vitality of this milk tea shop in the design.

Project Introduction > Brand Name Introduction> Logo design > IP image design > IP deformation  > VI design > Poster design

Brand Name Introduction



This brand is a Chinese tea brand, so it has both a Chinese name and an English name. The Chinese name is "茶茶盖特" (cha cha gai te), and the English name is "GET TEA". The origin of this name has two meanings. The first meaning is: People nowadays frequently use the word "get" in social interaction, such as "I get it" and "I can't get your point". The second meaning is: Get is the homonym of the brand's Chinese name "盖特"(Gai Te), so from the perspective of consumers, it can be understood as "Get a cup of tea." From the perspective of the brand, it can be understood as "We got it, we Understand the needs of consumers." This conveys the brand's emotional care for consumers, and GET TEA can also be directly understood as drinking tea, which is very simple and easy to understand.

The word "Get" often corresponds to the ✓ symbol, and the ✓ symbol has a positive attitude and the meaning of task achievement, which also makes GET TEA want to convey a positive brand attitude.

Logo Design

Font design: In Chinese font design, elements of acute angles are added, which are angles like ✓.

English Fonts:  Droid Sans Fallback —— free commercial fonts

The name of this blue is ice blue. The reason I chose it is: this blue is very eye-catching, and people will never forget it when they see it. Secondly, blue represents freedom, youth and fashion. In last year's color of the year, ice blue was chosen as one of the most trending colors.

Logo Application

IP Image Design

"GET Duck" is the brand's IP. It is a positive, optimistic, cute and mischievous duck with a stylish personality, humor and fun, and loves to socialize. GET DUCK has the youth and vitality of modern young people.

The Chinese name of GET DUCK is "盖特鸭" (Gai Te Ya). The homonym of this name is Get ya, which means I understand! get it.

IP Deformation

GET DUCK is a very diverse and young duck. Like most young people, he likes new and trendy things, such as performances, street dance, hip hop, and clothing. This youthful and diversified image represents the younger generation and also represents the purpose of the GET TEA brand.

VI Design

Coaster Design

Cup Packaging

Discount Card Design

Gift Card Design

Mask Design

The design on the mask is GET DUCK's mouth and GET TEA's logo print

Apron Design

Poster Design

Some posters show the effect & shopping mall promotional banner

Subway advertising display

Subway advertising poster display

That's all 

Thanks for watching

Client Feedback: 

very good! I love GET DUCK, it's so cute. I was pleasantly surprised by the transformation of GET DUCK, he actually turned into hip-hop duck and trendy duck. I believe that the design of GET TEA will be liked by young consumers. Thanks!

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